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Hope for every child

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Education for Every Child

Education is a right for every child

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Hope for every child

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Committed to creating a world that's accessible for every child no matter their background or race

Since being founded in 2018, our mission has been to ensure that thousands of indigent kids across Africa get access to free and quality basic education, as well as ensure that these kids acquire several skills that are in-demand to help prepare them for the future. Since then, we've been able to reach out to over 200 kids and have enrolled over 30 of these kids in school, while also providing the necessary guidance and mentorship they need.

Our Mission

To provide quality education to millions of indigent kids across Africa, in line with "Goal 4" of the UN's SDGs.

Our Vision

To build tuition free schools with standard and conducive learning environments and provide tuition free education to millions

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With over 30 kids already be sent to school by our foundation, We are committed to reaching out to much more kids; giving them hope for a great future



We are committed to conitinous training and mentorship of these kids and offer training and extra classes that can help build them up

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We do our best to support schools and teachers with educational items and necessary tools they need to better prepare them for their jobs

Our Objectives

Quality education is possible for every child

Helping today, for a safer tommorrow

Primary school education is the most important stage in a child’s life, if a child is giving primary school education, it is easier for such children to speak for themselves, learn skills and live a more responsible life. We are committed to reaching as much kids as possible

  • To promote quality and accessible education to millions of indigent kids currently not enrolled in schoold due to poverty, funds or regional crisis

  • To promote science, technology and entreprenuership amongst the teeming youth and provide skills acquisition for the kids

  • Continually promote and encourage girl child education throughout rural communities in Nigeria and beyond

  • Create programs in line with STEM to promote the importance of science and groom the minds of young children in the areas if science and technology

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